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  • NaNoWriMo


    National Novel Writing Month nonprofit

  • Randi Ragan

    Randi Ragan

    Lives in Los Angeles, originally from Texas.

  • Hal H. Harris

    Hal H. Harris

    Black on both sides. Medium Writers Challenge Winner. The founder of Established in 1865. I Tweet @Established1865. E-mail is hal.harris@est1865.com.

  • Simone Keelah Brathwaite

    Simone Keelah Brathwaite

    A self-proclaimed freedom chaser who writes about self-development, spirituality, relationships, & black folx thangs. Sign up for updates www.SimoneKeelah.com.

  • Oscar Rhea

    Oscar Rhea

    5'9. Middle-of-the-road looks. Forgettable face. Still seeking the approval I was denied as a child. How could I not be hilarious?

  • Austin Adams

    Austin Adams

    NYC writer who has been called “an idiot” by himself and others. Twitter @austiebobosty

  • Elizabeth Simone

    Elizabeth Simone

    Words in The Belladonna, Slackjaw, Points In Case, Little Old Lady Comedy, and more journals than anyone should be legally allowed to own. IG: @comic__diary

  • WhatTheZem


    Kurt is just trying to put more humor in the world. Please consider supporting him here: https://medium.com/@kzem/membership

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